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Subject: HBA BID Agreement
From: Dibden-Brown, Meredith (
Date: Monday, November 19, 2012 3:57 PM

Dear Mr. Wahlstrom


You and I have been corresponding through email and telephone regarding the Hillcrest Business Association’s (HBA) bidding of the Hillcrest Canopy Light project. You have expressed concern about a lack of transparency in the bidding of this job and of all the jobs bid by the HBA. You have requested that the City “require the HBA to provide proof of all five copies of the previously submitted written price quotations on this project; and further request that you [the City] look into all projects awarded by the HBA greater than $10,000 during the past two years to ensure that proper bidding procedures were followed on those as well.”


The HBA is a private non-profit corporation that has entered into an agreement with the City of San Diego to carry out the improvements in the Hillcrest Business Improvement District (District) using special charges (Assessments) from business owners in the District. A copy of the “Agreement Between the City of San Diego, a Municipal Corporation, and Contractor for the Management of the Hillcrest Business Improvement District in Fiscal Year 2013” (Agreement) is attached for your reference.


In response to your first question above, we have been advised that the HBA did not use District assessment funds in bidding the Hillcrest Canopy Light project. As such, the project is not subject to our Agreement. You may want to request the project bidding information from Ben Nicholls, Executive Director of the HBA, and/or Glenn Younger, of Grah Safe and Lock, President of the HBA Board. Additionally, you may want to attend the regular meeting of the Hillcrest Business Association to voice your concerns. 


In response to your second question above regarding looking into all projects awarded by the HBA greater the $10,000 during the past two years, I am scheduled to meet with HBA staff at their offices this week to review their contract procurement documentation against Exhibit C of the Agreement, “Conflict of Interest and Procurement Policy for Nonprofit Corporations Contracting with the City of San Diego for Administration of a Business Improvement District.”


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.




Meredith Dibden Brown

Office of Small Business Manager

Economic Development & Project Management Division

Development Services Department



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