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We will look at your submissions and give you a platform to state facts. These facts need at be substantiated with supporting files or documents and pictures (not web links - cached web pages are acceptable in zip format only). All presented information needs to be clear, backed up with factual documents and as objective as possible for the best interest of the general public. We cannot confirm or validate the authenticity of your submissions and we take no responsibility in misrepresentations or falsehoods possibly presented on this site. All published pages are accurate as to the supplied content and submissions at the time of publishing. CHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED - MAKE SURE YOUR CONTENT IS CORRECT BEFORE SENDING - CONTENT IS NOT REMOVED UNLESS IT IS PROVEN COMPLETELY FALSE AS OF THE PUBLISHED DATE ON THE CONTENT PAGE. CONTENT PROVEN FALSE AFTER-THE-FACT MAY BE CONSIDERED HISTORIC AND RETAINED FOR STORY CONTINUITY REASONS. UPDATES TO PAGES ARE APPRECIATED AND ENCOURAGED AND WILL BE APPLIED IF SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION IS SUPPLIED MEETING CRITERIA.

We will not spellcheck or otherwise edit your submissions as per the content but we need to make your content fit our format. Thus, your content may be separated from your emails or submissions and your identifying information may be removed by default - this is not guaranteed but it is intended. If you wish to remain anonymous - you must let us know - we will try BUT NO GUARANTEE OF ANONYMITY IS IMPLIED OR GIVEN.

If you wish to be identified in the published version of the subject matter, then please inform us in an email that we will keep on file for the record. We are not a confirmation service so we can clear the emails at any time and give no guarantee as to the retention of any content or its storage. KEEP COPIES OF ALL YOUR FILES - WE CAN NOT AND DO NOT RETURN SUBMISSIONS OR FILES.


Please enjoy your freedom of speech in a responsible way and also enjoy reviewing
what others have to say about whatever it is they need to make public.


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